Easy Lift offer both mobile and ceiling track hoists as a solution to moving and handling requirements for both domestic and nursing home environments.

Hoists remove the risk of injury for caregivers when moving someone with mobility difficulties from one place to another.   By selecting and installing the most appropriate hoist equipment you will be ensuring a transition that requires minimum effort to operate.

In many situations it can be managed by one person, a hoist offers a more dignified changeover between areas than other approaches.

Our industry trained engineers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate equipment for your environment.  When choosing a hoist, factors such as the setting in which it will be used – particularly space availability, floor surfaces and storage should be considered.

In addition, the hoist user – their type of disability, size and required level of independence should influence the selection. For the carer, their physical strength and size are also important factors.

Easy Lift can supply and install both mobile and ceiling track hoists.

Mobile hoists are designed to aid transfer but are not recommended for moving patients over distance, a ceiling hoist is more appropriate in this situation. A person is more effortlessly moved when positioned using the ceiling track hoist, as they can be raised, lowered and turned with ease.

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About Our Service

Easy Lift’s industry trained engineers provide an efficient and empathetic service, to ensure both the practical, as well as the emotional needs of our clients are always met.  Easy Lift offers:

  • Ceiling track hoists
  • Mobile hoists
  • Hoist replacement
  • Hoist relocation
  • Servicing
  • Breakdown

We work with Chiltern Invadex, a leading UK company to assist you with your Ceiling Mounted Hoist installation and maintenance.

Easy Lift provide testing and certification in line with current LOLER regulations (1998)

with a comprehensive report provided for each product tested. Easy Lift engineers are industry trained and we cover anywhere in the North of England.

Further information can be obtained by clicking LOLER Requirements Summary and LOLER Guidance Notes.

North East Regions We Cover:

Northumberland, Durham, Stanley, Cumbria, Tyne and Wear (inc. Newcastle, Sunderland) and Teesside (inc. Middlesbrough).

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