Easy Lift support the Household Cavalry

This year Easy Lift chose to support the Household Cavalry by donating and becoming a friend of the regiment.  This charity provides aid to promote the efficiency of our soldiers and make sure they remain motivated and committed through encouraging activities such as adventure training. Support also includes: Reliving hardship and distress, especially for those injured on training or in peacetime. Encouraging education, sport and adventure training.

Additionally the charity provides support to our injured soldiers and their families to include:  Physical and emotional rehabilitation beyond that provided by the military system. Assistance with the reintegration of soldiers and their families into civilian life in the form of education, further training and pastoral support.

The funds they raise also supports past members of the Household Cavalry and encourages a strong link with our veterans to ensure they remain an integral part of the Regimental family.  The charity provides relief to past members and their dependants who are suffering hardship and distress. Supporting those who have become seriously ill or have broader welfare needs.

Horses remain at the heart of the Household Cavalry’s ceremonial role and Easy Lifts chosen charity is committed to providing support to organisations and individuals caring for retired horses to ensure their needs are met.

Unique history, heritage, traditions and Regimental ethos lie at the heart of the Household Cavalry identity. The Household Cavalry Foundation are committed to preserving this heritage by providing funding for museums, events and protecting the Regimental reputation and ethos.

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